Hello. My name is Anneli.

I just want to be able to lift my leg up more and I’ll be so happy. I’ve been trying to hard
Adventure of the day
First meet✔
My hair is gone crazy today.
The light is making me so white. Maybe I should go tanning hahaha.
"I can do itBut I’m only humanAnd I bleed when I fall downI’m only humanAnd I crash and I break down”
Today sucked so bad. Can school be done already
I was doing handstands today at the beach and somehow landed into backbends accidentally. Watch if I plan to do a handstand into backbend, it won’t happen.
Even though today was so stressful with school I still had a pretty rad afternoon with my friends. We tired to do infinity sings in the bathroom… But as you can see that didn’t work out so well..
Ugly selfies with john!
So much fun like I can’t even explain