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While it may look like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, this awesome cloud is purely a natural phenomenon - a giant storm cell lit up from the inside by a series of lightning bolts. The stunning set of photographs was taken by 27-year-old photographer Stefano Garau who captured the incredible moment from the balcony of his house, over the normally sunny island of Sardinia.

Photo credit: Stefano Garau

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Four Minutes
This week I ended up hanging out for a bit in Cocoa Beach, FL. I used a Hoya ND400 and a Cokin ND8 in order to do such a long exposure.
Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Bubo Bubo Sibiricus | Milan Zygmunt
July 4th 2014

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Gili tortue by Jimmy_T Snorkeling gili trawagan Lombok